The common fault of zirconia oxygen sensors
Published:2012-7-3   Views:4231
The common fault of zirconia oxygen sensors:
The 1 oxygen sensor poisoning
Oxygen sensor poisoning often occurs and a fault that is difficult to prevent, zirconium oxide poisoning after the hindered diffusion of oxygen ions in ceramics, the sensor failure, only the replacement of the sensor can be used again.
2 coke
The measured gas containing too many impurities, without pretreatment can cause sensors at high temperature to form a precipitate, hampering the gas in ceramic material, so that the signal output misalignment, then to remove the sensor complete cleaning can continue to use. So it is best to instruments provide clean gas treated suggest the majority of users.
3 sensor ceramic fragments
Zirconia ceramics win and brittle, impact and strong air blowing, all its fragmentation and possible failure, so use not blowing strong airflow.
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