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DH-200 electrochemical analyzer
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DH-200 electrochemical oxygen analyzer
One, overview
DH-200 type oxygen analyzer, imported electrochemical oxygen sensor to detect the oxygen, the detection signal converter is a new microcomputer as the core of the intelligent instruments, instrument is realized by software most functions, especially suitable for online trace oxygen concentration reducing gas and combustible gas analysis.
Two, the main use of
• high purity gas production, analysis of the content of oxygen in chemical process
The production of float glass, magnetic materials,
Automatic analysis of oxygen content, industrial furnaces, heat treatment process
• electronics, bio pharmaceutical and other scientific research
Three, characteristics
• import brand-name electrochemical oxygen sensor performance, reliable, high precision, long life
• large screen LCD display, Chinese man-machine dialogue menu function selection
• signal conversion, intelligent instrument model microcomputer processing
• paperless recorder with the function of automatic data storage, detection
• automatic range switching
• measuring alarm set
• communication RS232
• isolated DC signal output
Four, the main technical indexes
• measuring range:
Trace: 0-10 μ mol/mol, 0-100 μ mol/mol, 0-1000 μ mol/mol
Constant: 0-25%O2, 0-100%O2
• basic error:
Trace: 3%FS
Constant: ± 2%FS
• stability: the zero drift and span drift ≤ basic error
• reproducibility error: basic error less than 1/2
• gas flow rate: 300ml/min
• response time: T90 ≤ 30 seconds
• output signal: the isolated DC 4-20mA, a maximum load of 750 ohm
• alarm output contact capacity: 220V, 1A
• power: 220VAC ± 10%
• power: ≤ 10W
Size, the size of holes:
Dimensions (table): 205 x 120 x 325mm (height * width * depth)
Dimensions (embedded): 144 x 144 x 300mm (height * width * depth)
Embedded opening size: 139+1 x 139+1mm (width * height)
Ordering instructions
When user ordering please specify
• instrument measuring range
• measured gas pressure: positive or negative pressure
Main ingredients, • measured gas impurities: dust, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide