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RD-400 thermal conductivity of hydrogen analyzer
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RD-400 conductivity hydrogen analyzer
One, overview
The RD - 400 type conductivity hydrogen analyzer is based on the working principle of thermal conductivity of different gas, the thermal conductivity gas sensor and signal transducer consisting of a new generation of intelligent online analytical instrument.
Two, the main use of
The instrument is widely used in chemical fertilizer, chemical, metallurgy, heat treatment, generator cooling, air separation, analysis of hydrogen concentration on-line hydrogen in industrial production.
Three, characteristics
• sensor platinum sensitive element coated with glass film, not with the measured gas direct contact and sensor has stable performance, high sensitivity, good corrosion resistance.
• microcomputer, large screen LCD
• the man-machine dialogue, Chinese menu function selection
• paperless recorder with the function, test data, automatic storage
• measurement alarm set
• communication port RS232
Four, the main technical parameters
• measuring range: 0 - 100%H2
• basic error: ± 2%FS
• stability: ≤ basic error
• repeatability error: basic error less than 1/2
• preheating time: ≤ 2H
• output signal: the isolated DC 4-20mA, load resistance ≤ 750.
With the measurement range of output signal corresponding to the 0-5%: 0-10%: I, II, III: 0-30%,
IV: 50-80%, V: 0-100%H2
• the sample gas flow: 300ml/min
• sample gas temperature: 0-45 ℃
• supply voltage: 220VAC ± 10%
• power: ≤ 20W
Dimensions (table): 205 x 120 x 325mm (height * width * depth)
Dimensions (embedded): 144 x 144 x 330 (height * width * depth)
Hole size: 139+1 x 139+1
Ordering instructions
When user ordering please specify:
• measuring range
• the measured composition and content of gas
• the measured gas, dust, moisture
• dust, moisture, sulfide
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