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ZO-3000 zirconia oxygen analyzer
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ZO-3000 zirconia oxygen analyzer
One, overview
ZO-3000 zirconia oxygen analyzer is an oxygen sensor with zirconia solid electrolyte analysis instrument, signal change is intelligent online to model the microprocessor as the core.
Two, characteristics
• sensor and transmitter adopts an integrated structure, aluminum
Alloy chassis than similar instrument light weight minimum volume
• large screen LCD dot matrix display, man-machine dialogue,
Chinese menu function selection
• automatic data storage, paperless recorder with function
• measurement alarm output arbitrarily set
• automatic range switching
• communication RS232
Three, the main use of
• air separation, automatic analysis of the content of oxygen in chemical process
• semiconductor, magnetic materials production
• float glass, cement and building materials industry
A variety of industrial furnaces, heat treatment process of oxygen content automatic analysis
• electronics, bio pharmaceutical and other scientific research
Four, the main technical indexes
• measurement range: 0.1ppm~100%O2
• basic error: the range of <100 μ mol/mol (10-6) + 3%FS
The range of >100 μ mol/mol (10-6) + 2%FS
• repeatability: p<100 μ mol/mol ± 1.5%FS
P>100 μ mol/mol ± 1.0%FS
• stability: zero, span drift < basic error
• response time: T90 ≤ 10 seconds
• output signal: 4 20mA (the maximum load of 750 Ohm)
• contact: 220V, 1A
• temperature control accuracy: 700 ± 2 ℃
• supply voltage: 220VAC ± 10%
• power: ≤ 50W
• preheating time: 0.5h
• outline dimensions, the size of holes:
Dimensions (table): 205 x 120 x 325mm (height * width * depth)
Dimensions (embedded): 144 x 144 x 300mm (height * width * depth)
Embedded opening size: 139+1 x 139+1mm (width * height)
• weight: 4.5kg
Matters needing attention:
Order of magnitude, the measured combustible gas in gas samples should be less than the oxygen content, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of oxygen measurements
• when the instrument is used for negative pressure gas sample analysis, should be equipped with sampling pump
• μ mol/mol=ppm
Ordering instructions
• instrument appearance: desktop or embedded
• measured gas pressure: positive or negative pressure
• measured gas main ingredients, impurities, combustible gas: dust, flammable gas
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