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ZO-3002 zirconia oxygen analyzer
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ZO-3002 zirconia oxygen analyzer
One, overview
ZO-3002 zirconia oxygen analyzer based on the principle of the oxygen concentration cell, when the measured oxygen gas oxygen and air as the reference, at a high temperature by zirconia solid electrolyte, generate the corresponding oxygen concentration potential, by the microprocessor as the core of intelligent conversion online oxygen analyzer, LED light digital display.
Two, the main use of
Analysis of the content of oxygen, air separation, chemical process
Production, electronic industry, magnetic materials
Analysis of industry of building materials, glass protective gas oxygen content
Automatic analysis of oxygen content, industrial furnaces, heat treatment process
Analysis of biological, pharmaceutical, oxygen content
Three, characteristics
• LED digital explicit, clear and intuitive
• chip structure, simple operation
• wide measuring range, automatic switching
• signal output an arbitrary choice
Four, the main technical indexes:
• measurement range: 0.1ppm~100%O2
• basic error: p<100ppm ± 5ppm, p>100ppm ± 3%
• stability: zero and span drift ≤ basic error /24h
• repeatability: p<100ppm ± 2.5ppm, p>100ppm ± 1.5%
• response time: T90 ≤ 10 seconds
• gas flow rate: 200ml/min
• signal output: 0 ~ 10mA, 4 ~ 20mA, divided into six files corresponding range is as follows: 1: 0.1 ~ 10ppm,
II: 0 ~ 100ppm, Ⅲ: 0 ~ 1000ppm, IV: 0 ~ 1%,
V: 0 ~ 10%, VI: 0 ~ 100%
• temperature control accuracy: 750 ± 3 ℃
• preheating time: 0.5h
• power Electrification: 220VAC ± 10%
• power: 50W
• size and weight: 320 x 150 x 300 (height * width * depth) 7kg
• open pore size: 312+1 x 142+1 (width * height)
Matters needing attention:
Order of magnitude, the measured combustible gas in the gas should be less than the oxygen content, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of oxygen measurements
• when the instrument is used for negative pressure gas sample analysis, should be equipped with sampling pump
Ordering instructions
• measured gas pressure: positive or negative pressure
• measured gas: dust, flammable gas
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